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Trade Practice and It Industry

Helen Chu 220035677 scallywag 1 of 23 LS 471 Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law UNIT COORDINATOR: DR RICHARD COPP concession 3 DUE: 8 NOVEMBER 2009 Written By HELEN CHU 220035677 WORD COUNT: 4934 WORDS Helen Chu 220035677 Page 2 of 23 I. INTRODUCTION The computer industry has been the subject of both(prenominal) of the or so intense, extended and controversial investigations in ambition law. The IBM case in the 1970s1 and the Microsoft case2 have polarized debate over the role and enforcement of controversy law. many another(prenominal) critics would argue that ambition laws have often been employed against modern business organisations that have expanded output and lowered prices It give the gate also be argued that there has traditionally existed serious conjectural confusion over the meaning of competition. For example, when a firm lowers its price, is that competition or an attempt to monopolise? When a firm gains food market share, is that evidence of efficiency or a threat to competition? When business mergers are restricted by law, is competition enhance or restrained? When a firm engages in pricey research and innovation that competitors cannot easily duplicate, is that monopolisation?
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Faulty theorising on these issues could explain a public policy attack on economic efficiency in the name of preserving competition. This essay addresses some of the economic issues raised by the computer sector pertinent to competition law analysis. The discussion is organised as follows. part II identifies the relevant competition laws in Australia. This is followed in plane section III with a critical assessment of the implications of these concepts for policy and competition law enforcement. The discussion then turns to the definition of relevant markets and in particular whether complementary products should be regarded as one or two relevant product markets (Section IV), 1 2 IBM v flush Case 60/81 (1981) ECR 2639. United States v Microsoft Corporation... If you urgency to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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