Monday, March 11, 2013

The Notebook

Film Review: The notebook computer

The Notebook is a film from 2004 bases reach of the book by Nicholas Sparks. The fiction begins in a nurse nursing home where Allie and her husband Noah live. Allie needs to be in the home for care, but Noah just wants to be with his wife. Throughout the movie Noah reads to Allie from an oldish notebook journal. Noah comes to read to Allie everyday in hopes that the grade lead help her remember him, but because her disease is so imperfect she rarely remembers him or their children. Because of the confusion that her Alzheimers disease has caused, she believes the tier Noah is reading of about another couple.
Noah reads the story of how he cast in love with Allie and how her parents felt that he was not superb enough for her. Because of this they break up and move on with their lives. The story tells how neither hotshot of them really moved on and how one day they came back into each other. While Noah reads the notebook to his straightway elderly wife, she says she thinks shes heard the story before.
Towards the end of the movie, Noah finishes the story and says the couple lives happily ever after. At this microscope stage Allie realizes that this man is her husband and they are the young couple in the story he has been reading to her. For only a morsel Noah has his wife back in her right mind.

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She ask him how want she has been gone and about their children. In a split moment Allies mind is gone again and she does not becharm laid the man that is embracing her. She begins to scream and has to be sedated while Noah watches from the tree of the way of life, in tears. In the last scene of the movie, Noah walks into Allies room and she wakes up lucid. She asks him whats going to happen when I back tootht remember anything anymore?(The Notebook). Noah response that he will always be there and he will neer leave her. He then climbs in to the bed coterminous to her. The nurse finds them the next morning and they have both passes away.
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