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The Life of Brandon Lee

In any case, it is unpatterned that the death of his father hit young Brandon hard, removing his hero from his living while at the same time leaving him with the chore of organism the son of a celebrity, a problem exacerbated by the type of celebrity his father was:

For Brandon, it was not easy being the fatherless son of a legendary fighter. "When I was startgrowth up, we moved around a lot, and whenever I'd get to a untried school, there'd be somebody there trying to kick my ass," lee(prenominal) verbalise last year (Goodell 71).

This may have contri exactlyed to his difficulties with school--he dropped out twice in the beginning finally graduating from high school, and he then studied drama at Emerson College in Boston before taking acting lessons in Manhattan.

The boy had been confused well-nigh his own identity, given the way he lived in the apparition of his father. He, his mother, and his sister had moved to Los Angeles soon after his father's death in 1973. His mother took him for martial arts lessons when he was 9, and when he cut a picture of his father on the wall he started to cry and ran from the room. One of his teachers from the private Chadwick School in Palos Verdes states that for a long time the boy's attitude was that he did not take on school, and he refused to heed the rules. He was expelled for misbehavior in the resile of 1983, just months short of graduation. He later received a diploma from the neary Miraleste High School (Lipton 80-81).

Brandon was intent on enough a serious ac

" maculation we were shooting Little Tokyo," recalls Pat Johnson, fight coordinator on the icon and a longtime friend of the Lee family, "Brandon said to me, 'You know, for years I was in my father's shadow, and I resented it. I valued to be an actor, not do martial arts films. precisely it finally dawned on meI am who I am, and I might as well accept it. Once I realized that, doors started to open for me. I'll go in and do what they hire of me, and I'll use it to get to the kind of movies that I want to make'" (Goodell 72).

tor, but the fact that he was Bruce Lee's son made people animadvert of him in a certain way that did not exit with that goal.
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He finally surrendered to the inevitable and in 1985 made Kung Fu: The Movie, a TV film with David Carradine reprising his role from the 1970s television series. In 1987 he made his first martial arts feature, legacy of Rage, in Hong Kong. This movie was filmed entirely in Cantonese, which he spoke fluently. His next film was Laser Mission in 1989, followed by Showdown in Little Tokyo:

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Producer Pressman decided to finish the movie, a conclusiveness that would add $8 million to the $15 million budget. The bunch reassembled some months later and worked to finish the picture. Many of Lee's half spotless scenes were reconceived as silent montages. Narration was added that seemed to express the feelings of the crew as they worked to make this film an expression of their feelings for Brandon: "Sometimes, something so bad happens. . . that the blow can bring that soul back to put the abuse things right" (Ascher-Walsh 18).

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The screenplay was based on a comic book by Jame
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